The Devs

Pete Paquette, Jeff Paquette and Patrick Hickey Jr at Playcrafting’s NYC Spring Play Event 2019

Pete Paquette (Artist/Developer) – A professional animator of video games and film for 18 years. His credits include entries in the Ice Age franchise, Rio and Book Of Life as well as games like Gladius, Bioshock Infinite, League Of Legends and Borderlands 3. He currently animates emotes for Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Jeff Paquette (Engineer/Composer/Developer) – Thanks to an influential middle school math teacher who turned his classroom into a computer lab, Jeff took up programming and began creating small video games. He went on to achieve a BS in Computer Science from UMASS Dartmouth and was the lead developer for Reality Zombies, a first-person survival shooter for the Microsoft Hololens. Jeff brings his experience and love for programming and game development to his role as Technical Director and Game Designer.

Patrick Hickey Jr. (Writer/Developer) – Patrick is the author of The Minds Behind the Games Book series from McFarland and Company, a Full-Time College Professor and a Voice Actor from Brooklyn, New York. Over the past 13 years as a video game journalist for NBC, Examiner and his own site,, his video game coverage has been featured in national ad campaigns by Nintendo, Disney and EA Sports.